Thursday, November 12, 2009

IF: Blur

Been a while.

For Illustration Friday's subject, "Blur." Made me think of being haunted by demons, but pretty much everything has since watching Paranormal Activities. I swear that damn movie didn't creep me out at all until I got into bed and turned out the lights. I felt like I was waiting to either fall asleep or get dragged off the bed by one foot.

That demon was a dick.

Anyways, openCanvas apparently doesn't work on Windows Vista, so I decided to give PaintTool SAI a go (which I found suggested here when searching for an alternative). Did the initial sketch + color on SAI and did the background in Photoshop with some shiny new brushes I downloaded.

So far, SAI seems to have a lot of the features I loved about openCanvas: it's not bulky (it opens fast and doesn't lag the brush when I draw) and it's focused on painting/drawing so it works well with my Wacom tablet.

On the other hand, as it is originally a Japanese program, so some of the tools are hard to figure out and ALL of the brush settings are labeled strangely so I have to experiment more to figure out what they do. And I miss having event files :(

I think I might try some of the other ones like ArtRage, MyPaint, Pixia, and GIMP to compare...


Shirley said...

Great illustration.

ArtSparker said...

Nice work- a farewell song? The idea of working with mysterious tools is kind of piquant, like weilding superpowers you don't understand.

translucentblue said...

Cool technique, I love the blurry effect (this one doesn't make me wince!) :D